If You Are A Troll, You Wouldn’t Want To Attack These Celebrities On Social Media

To everyone who thought bullies were stuck in school, think again. By some invincible force and maybe the abundance of smartphones, all the bullies you met in school have moved to social media. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and other social media pages are swarming with bullies who are ready and willing to troll the life out of you.

Wondering why we never mentioned Twitter? Twitter is on a different level…if you lef’ your body for Twitter, somebro’ go troll you make your mind bost. Your reputation damage is just a click away! Truth be told, we all don’t like being the subject of ridicule and celebrities are no exception. Cyber bullying is no respector of persons. Celebrities fall prey to these trolls more often and they react differently. Let’s see how your favorite celebs handle cyber-bullying.

The Clapbackers

This category of celebrities are the real deal. If you move to them, they’ll hit back-and most times harder. They kick butt and take names later. They are the real deal and most trolls tread carefully around them or they’ll send venom your way. Hands up to our clapback celebrities


Shatta Wale

All Shatta needs is a studio session and a Facebook live and he will get you served!



Afia Schwarzenegger

This radio and TV queen doesn’t mind coming down to the comment sections and dishing out steamy bowls of hitbacks


Yaa Pono

You want a Gbee-nabu? Don’t dare enter Pono’s lair and mess up all ye trolls.


Wanlov and Sister Deborah

Ask for one and get you get the double dose. These celebrity siblings don’t play.



Haters! Bobrisky is not who you’d want to troll. With more than 250K loyal viewers on her..ermm..his. Snapchat, Bobrisky is not a person you would want to troll.  Even celebrities get their fair share of hitbacks from African’s Snap queen.

Other venomous spitters are Kwame A-Plus, DKB and Lydia Forson.

The Blockers

Image result for you are blocked gif

These next set of stars wont take your pettiness. You do..you chop block. Simple! Why waste energy and time on a needle stuck in the hay craving for attention while can just hit the BLOCK button and chill.

Yvonne Nelson

Related image

Yvonne’s best friend is the block button

Manasseh Azure

Image result for manasseh azure

For someone who has opinion about everything, Manasseh doesn’t have to use the Block option like he does. Dude goes on a blocking spree anytime someone else has an opinion about his.

The Quitters

Image result for i quit gif

These people will just delete their accounts secof small trolling…


Image result for mzbel

MichyBellino will just delete her account and start a new one forgetting that trolls are omnipresent. Plus, Mzbel has a way of getting herself trolled, she does not even have to try!

There you have it! Shoutout to John Dumelo. Boss gets trolled online and offline but he stands firm…that’s a tough skin.