TV Series We Can’t Wait To Binge On

Its the weekend, you’ve some popcorn or cake, maybe some ice cream or that chilled fruit juice. You can also go for that favourite alcohol on the rocks, we aren’t here to question your choices- a bingefest works better when things are on your own terms. Back to the matter, food and drinks in bed on a weekend, what’s missing? Yeah! The TV series to binge watch. If you are a series lover like us, you probably might have exhausted all binge options since most productions either ended or went on a break. These are the series we just can’t wait to feast our eyes on and when they are premiering.

Game of Thrones, July 16

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Winter is almost here!

Big Bang Theory, September 24

Image result for the big bang theory season 11

Gotham, September 28

Image result for gotham season 4


The Exorcist, September 29

Image result for the exorcist season 2

How To Get Away With Murder, September

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Lucifer, October 2

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Stranger Things, Later in 2017

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Grey’s Anatomy

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Before these TV series premiere, we can just make do of the episodes of Power which aired on June 25.



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