You Can’t Miss The Single Sisters’ Summit 2017

Whew!!! It’s been quite a long day. I just closed a deal on a contract I have been working on for the past three months and boy, I am excited. I’m quite hungry though. I am craving some really soft rice balls with some groundnut soup preferably with some goat meat with a little bit of okra on the side.

It’s amazing how wild I could let my imagination run knowing it will take light years to have this be a reality. I think I should just let you know that I am in no way enthused by food cooked outside home. I love some good home cooked meal. There are so many things I would require of you as a wife not because I have high standards, I just value my peace of mind and generally have respect for a peaceful home and the whole institution of marriage. I wonder what you would be like anyway. To be honest, I would love to have you with me now but I wouldn’t want to rush things especially with you.

It will please me if you are duly prepared before I even meet you. How? You may ask…well to the best of my knowledge, marriage was instituted by God and so it’s mainly through His Word you could have the appropriate preparation. Not through social media, deep-seated societal standards and stereotypes etc.

Anyways, I was on one of my frequent visits to Facebook and I came across this flier that advertised a program dubbed ‘Before I Say Yes’ hosted by a Man of God, Apostle Vinny Max Bani. I have read one of His books, ‘Biblical Qualities of a Wife’ and my, I was blown away. That book has given me everything I wish for in a wife. I pray you have read it too. I would love that you be at that program though. It’s on the 5th of August. Our entire marriage would depend on the knowledge you receive from that meeting that is if you’ll be there. I could bet you on that. My letter is getting long. It was just to tell you about my day. See you in a few years.
Yours Truly, your husband ― to-be…

Writer: Kyerewaa Smith


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