We Caught Up With Our Very Own Electro Mirror To Tell Us One Or Two Things About His New Podcast

Many agree that there are few things as irritating as being left out of a discussion, where one has strong opinions to contribute. That feeling of helplessness can be compounded when the experts who should have the well thought out opinions are the ones not critically assessing the relevant issues.

This is what KuulPeeps News Host, and rising entertainment personality, Electro Mirror seeks to address, from behind his signature Ray Bans shades, on his upcoming SoundCloud show, Nitro on KuulPeeps. We caught up with the man, Electro Mirror, and were captivated by what he sought to achieve. Of his show, he says “Look, at the end of the day we really just want to give a voice to the people that should have one but don’t.”

Of course, this is a vague and mysterious answer to a direct question, and he knows it. He flashes a toothy grin, and nods mischievously, as if to say, “Watch out for me”. Still, we press further, and eventually he does begin to elaborate. “The concept is very simple”, he says, “We encounter issues pertaining to music on a daily basis, particularly on Social Media. It is clear to see that the industry folk have become disconnected from the people on the ground, just like the politicians. Ask any artist, what music means to the average consumer, and they’ll probably go around in circles. We face the same problems in the industry. We consume so much from Nigeria, the US and the UK, but we don’t export as much. Why?”

The Nitro on KuulPeeps show just seeks to bring together the industry stalwarts, some of the smartest influencers out there on Social Media, underground artists, and just regular people to discuss improvements to our music industry. We can’t always sit back and wait for the big men or the mpaninfo to bring progress. I’m a firm believer in the idea that progress begins with us, and it begins in the little things. That’s all that we’re trying to accomplish.”

The show will be produced by Paq who has produced a couple of hits in the Ghanaian music industry which includes Call On Me by Lord Paper ft Mr Eazi.

We couldn’t help but agree. So catch the launch of Nitro on KuulPeeps on SoundCloud, this and every forth night.

AGBO! Shikome!


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