NSMQ Quiz Mistress Handbag Stolen!

We just can’t think far!

Just after the NSMQ 2017, the quiz-mistress Dr Elsie Effah Kaufman’s bag was stolen as she went about her co-ordinating duties…and please, it is not Adisco.

Dr. Effah who was helping the NSMQ 2017 winners, Prempeh College lift the trophy left her bag unattended to and somewhere among the throng of students, someone picked up her bag. The black silk handbag with a red zip, Dr Kaufmann exclusively told Adomonline.com’s Kwaku Nti and Dennis Adu contained her valuables including her phone, ID Cards from the University of Ghana where she is a senior lecturer, her car keys and home keys as well.

The lack of CCTV cameras in the theater made it impossible to figure out who actually picked up the bag.

Source: Adomonline


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