You Should Read Sonnie Badu’s Prophetic Declarations He Made On The Life Of Majid Michel

For some time now, actor Majid Michel have changed from playing bad boy/playboy characters in movies to a fully blown Man of God who is winning souls for Christ.

His social media platforms have turned into a pulpit he uses to share the word of God and his testimonies.

Majid has now entered into the God’s ministry circle and is now going on speaking engagements with world renowned pastors.

Sonnie Badu, the Gospel musician is the latest famous person to commend Majid Michel’s new career choice.

The ‘Wonder God’ hitmaker took to his Instagram to issue prophetic statements onto Majid Michel’s life.

“Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God is about to do with you my brother. Majid Michel, I see God trusting you with a mega church,” he said.

“Your heart of devotion to God is on another level, I see you as a Saul turn Paul. Even though he did not see JESUS he wrote more books and I am so convinced that you are a major tool in this end time because where you are able to go most righteous and religious people cannot go,” the multiple award winner went on to say.

“You are an important tool in God’s hands not only for Africa but beyond. Thank you Timothy Bentum and Pascal Amanfo for holding his hands …. Mum is definitely smiling from heaven. I remember what she told me at Marie’s funeral.”

See Sonnie Badu’s post below:


Majid Michel’s response gave more insight into the increasing brotherhood relationship that is developing between the two.

“Dr Badu!! Thank you so much my brother. We thank God for everything. We are meeting you soon,” Majid said.




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