[Photos] Denkyira-Obuasi Residents Have Commenced An ‘Image Restoration’ Project After Major Mahama Murder

Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast, Most Rev. Mathias K. Nketsia has joined the people of Denkyira-Obuasi for a mass service in a bid to give them hope in the aftermath of the gruesome murder of a military officer by some residents of the town.

A member of the 5th Infantry of the Ghana Armed Forces, the then Captain Mahama was said to be jogging at Denkyira-Obuasi at about 8:30am on May 29, 2017 when he was lynched and a part of his body set ablaze by some residents.

His body was filled with marks of assault including multiple deep cut wounds on the head and a partially burnt body, the Police have said.

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The incident, which triggered calls for action to be taken against mob injustice, has left the residents battling with stigma, while the town has become a subject of mockery in the country.

It is against this that Most Rev. Nketsia paid a visit to the town to encourage the people to foster unity and more importantly, work hard towards regaining the image of the town and its people.

Archbishop Nketsia who led the people in prayer, was led to the scene where Major Mahama was killed and dumped by the residents.

Most residents of the town joined Most Rev. Nketsia for a mass service on Sunday as they seek to restore the image of the town


Chorister of the Catholic Church in a group photo with Most Rev. Nketsia after the mass


Most Rev. Nketsia in a group photo with the residents after the mass service


After the mass, Most Rev. Nketsia was led to the the scene where Major Mahama was murdered
Most Rev. Nketsia inspecting the crime scene

Source: 3news


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