Meet The Mother Of Asahd Tuck Khaled

I guess you know who the happiest kid in the world is…

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That baby who never cries

Yes I’m talking about Asadh Tuck Khaled

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His father, DJ Khaled has been flaunting him all over the place.

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But do you know who Asahd’s mother is?

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I guess you were thinking DJ Khaled was with someone like this.

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Well I’m sorry to say DJ Khaled had a different idea.

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She’s a 39 year old lady called Nicole Tuck

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Nicole Tuck is the 11 year long time partner of the King of Snapchat. She is of Palestinian decent like DjKhaled.

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Nicole Tuck became the unofficial manager of DJ khaled after she closed down her fashion line.

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So that’s the Tuck Khaled family.

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Just take another look at them.

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