A Man Was Struck By Lightning And Now He Has Permanent Erection Says His Doctor

Josh McDermott, 22, has been in erection for the past 17 weeks since he was tragically hit by a lightning bolt while hiking last January during a trip to Mexico.

The young man that was left with a long scar down his chest, abdomen and onto his genitals, still vividly remembers the tragic moment.

“ I felt my dick light on fire and it’s been hard since ”  Josh McDermott said.

“Even though it all happened in a flash, I could feel the bolt going through my shoulder and in a straight line directly to my genitals, and that’s where the bolt came out and touched the ground,” he recalls.

Doctor Allen Fitzgerald at Cambridge Memorial Hospital has followed his patient since the accident and believes the erection “could be permanent”


A permanent erection

Doctor Allen Fitzgerald at Cambridge Memorial Hospital believes his patient is suffering from a rare form of priapism, a condition where the penis remains in erection for hours after the absence of stimulation.

“Usually, it is not uncommon for the penis to stay in erection for a few hours in the absence of stimulation through the use of particular drugs or medication,” he explains.

“But an erection that lasts for weeks and weeks is unheard of and could become a permanent condition if not treated properly,” he warns.


A happy girlfriend

Although the tragic events led to a three-day hospitalization and a large permanent scar, Josh’s girlfriend joked around with reporters about the “advantages” of such a condition.

“The first few days, I had to get used to it. It felt awkward being in public with him, people, mostly women, would really stare directly at it,” she recalls, laughing.

“But now I like the attention, it makes me proud in a weird way. I know my boyfriend always has the hots for me!” she says, bursting into laughter.

“And it has definitely improved our sex life. Before I would have to fake orgasms, now the roles have switched!” she adds, visibly amused with the whole situation.

Source: worldnewsdaily


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