Man With 176 Children Wants Government To Assist Him Financially Take Care Of His Children

A man who could be referred to as the ‘the father of all nations’, Mustafa Magambo Mutone, has appealed to the government to financially support him take care of his children.

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The Ugandan, who is 65 years old is a father of 176 children, 90 grandchildren and had 13 wives and 10 girlfriends.

New Vision reports that Mustafa, who is expecting more children, is seeking government’s help in order to train some of his 176 children. According to him, he has tried to feed his 13 wives and over 170 children and it is not easy.

He, therefore, requests the government to at least sponsor 30 of his children in secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

He added that he has over 40 children in primary school and has plans to establish his own nursery and primary school in Kyaterekera sub-county. He says he has about 10 children in the universities (Makerere, Mbarara and Kyambogo), most of them on private sponsorship. Mutone has five pairs of twins among his children. His children will hit the 180 mark by the end of the year because six of his wives are pregnant.

In an interview with Ugandan’s New Vision, he explained that he is still strong enough to marry more wives and bear more children, since he does not drink alcohol, smoke or take sugar.

“My youngest wife is 25, and the eldest is 50, but I had about 10 girlfriends before I married officially and they all delivered the same year,” Mutone said.

According to him, his first born child is 49 years old, while the youngest are four-year-old twins. The grey-haired Mutone, said he has a special book where he records every child born whether within the country or outside, because he has some wives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi.


Madina Tibasiima, 45, one of his wives who has nine children, said she has not faced any problems with a big family because most of her children are working as soldiers, civil servants, and nurses. She, however, said her younger children need school fees; some are in primary school and others in secondary school.

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