Nigerians Attack Falz For Speaking Against Fraud

Some Nigerians took to social media to bash the ‘Soft Work’ rapper, Falz the Bahd Guy after he was seen in an interview accusing other Nigerian entertainers of destroying the future of Nigerians. He complained about how his fellow musicians made fraud, popularly known as Yahoo in Nigeria, an attractive thing to do.

“You are an entertainer in a position as a role model to younger ones coming up and in your musical record you are greeting all the yahoo boys, you are greeting all the fraudsters , calling their name personally, hailing them, wire wire mo fe cha che, all this culture you are making the young ones think it’s cool to do it, it’s not, you are destroying our future.”

Now although he made no mention of  any names in the interview, most Nigerians seem to to think his comment was a direct attack on another musician, 9ice who released a song, “Living Things” , earlier this year.

Well, 9ice agrees he might be the one Falz is referring to as he replied the Bahd Guy in an interview himself, denying his song was hailing ‘Yahoo’ guys and insisting that one had to be in another realm to understand what he was singing about. (what realm is he talking about???)

Segun Wire, a 9 year old comedian in Nigeria also took to instagram to attack Falz in a long and winding message, justifying what the Yahoo boys do and insisting that Falz himself was no saint.

Now although some felt Falz was just being self-righteous…

Other Nigerians expressed shock that others found a problem with Falz’s comment…

Others could not believe the argument raised about him being born into a rich family was even a problem at all…

Others were just plain confused





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