Some ‘Missing’ State Vehicles Have Been Found At An Auction Yard In Nsawam

The taskforce empowered to search and retrieve missing government vehicles called Asset Retrieval Taskforce has found over 60 vehicles suspected to be some of the missing State vehicles at Nsawam in the Eastern region.

The taskforce in an operation Wednesday found the vehicles parked at a yard belonging to one William Baah, who identified himself as an auctioneer. Five of the cars have been identified as State vehicles.

Some of the vehicles that have the customized SPD number plates and include Land Cruisers, Mitsubishi Pajeros, and BMWs.

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“They are over 60 cars; some are government cars,” the leader of the taskforce told the media. “We can’t judge it here. That will be left to our big men. We only came to pick the information and will send the signal to Ghana government.”

However, the owner of the property on which the vehicles were found stressed the vehicles were confiscated by the courts and he was only “preserving them.”

“When you owe a bank or an individual and the person takes you to court; the court goes to your house for execution and when they find a property or car on your premises they seize it and ask you to go and pay your debt after that you come for your vehicle,” Baah explained to the media.

“All these cars can’t be parked at the court premises. That is why we have auctioneers and debt collectors so when the cars are seized the court will authorize the auctioneer to go for the vehicles for preservation. The cars over here are not mine. When you put these cars on screen you embarrass the owners of the vehicles and the auctioneers,” Baah emphasised. He added: “The cars here are court properties.”

In March, the Government announced that about 234 vehicles are still missing following the change of administration.



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