#NSMQ2017: The Trolling of Pope John, Opoku Ware And Accra Academy

Finally, Mfantsiman Girls’ loss and subsequent social media trolling will not be the talk of this year’s National Science and Maths Quiz.

Well, thanks to Opoku Ware SHS and Accra Academy for their own episode of “How To Get Your Ass Whipped”.

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Just in case you somehow went into coma in the last 24 hours and you just woke up, this is a quick rundown before we go to the hilarious trolling tweets.

For starters, Jachie Pramso SHS (you are not alone if this is your first time hearing about this school) gave Pope John SHS a beating. Pope John was in the contest against Zion College and Jachie Pramso.

Long story short, Pope John came in last, it had only 29 points. Zion College was second with 34 points, with just a point separating the school with the winners.

For the Accra Academy loss, the competition was thought to be a two horse race that pitches them against Presbyterian Boys’ SHS but this was not a dancing floor. Accra Academy came nowhere near Presbyterian Boys and St Johns Grammar in the points scoring department.

Presbyterian Boys’ were just 7 points short of doubling Accra Academy’s 26 points total score.

In the mist of it all, Opoku Ware decided they don’t want to be left out. They want to be part of the day’s “big” winners.

With their 37 points, they were worlds apart with the 52 points Keta SHTS got.

Now that we have got this out of the way, let’s go to the real news; the trolling was massive.

Here’s a few we have put together just for you





Accra Academy



Pope John



… and the most plagiarized trolling post of yesterday


**Presec-Legon, defeated Accra Accadamy at the 1/8th stage of NSMQ… Facts about both schools..

**Presec-Legon, is surrounded by the following in a 5 km radius;
1. University of Ghana
3. ICA- Ghana
4. Trinity Seminary
5. Ghana Institute of Languages
6. Ghana Book Trust
7. Accra Training College
8. Ghana Atomic Energy
9. Ideal College
10. Action School

**Accra Accadamy, is surrounded by Kaneshie Market and Abossey Okai Spare Parts market in a 5 km raduis…


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