Mzbel Is Calling Out The Media For Publishing “Distractive Stories” About Her

Ghanaian musician, Mzbel, is hitting back at bloggers whom she accuses of publishing “distractive stories’ with an agenda to “tarnish my image and reputation just to get traffic on your blogs.”

“You can only get stupid people like yourself to insult and call me names with these headlines, but you cannot end my life or career because only God decides! Over the years this is all you do,” she said.

The musician was reacting to recent news articles that highlights her seeming dislike of Christianity.

A story with the headline “Mzbel believes Christianity is idol worship” has been trending in the media. This is not the first time a Christian bashing story has been attributed to the musician.

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It seems she has had enough of the media trolling and now she is calling them out.

“It’s very unfortunate to see those we expect to know better perpetuate such self-seeking and deceitful agenda. Why not a headline like “Mzbel made a donation to an orphanage in Koforidua and she’s appealing to the general public for more support, do you agree with her?” she posted on her Instagram.

“You only wait until something good is happening and then you quickly publish these distractive stories to cover up the hard work and good deeds, how sad!”

She asked “Why should religion be such a big deal if we all believe there is a G-d?” without spelling the G-O-D word in full.

“Well, if that’s the path you’ve chosen, keep in mind that Karma is a very good sniper. Smh, time will tell,” she said to end her post.



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