VIDEO: Nana Kondau Agyeman Rawlings And DKB Had A Heart To Heart Conversation And This Happened

Nana Konadu

Reunion is always a good thing and we love it.

The latest reunion involves a former first lady and a somewhat “funny” comedian, by her accounts.

Ghanaian comedian, DKB and Nana Konadu made the headlines recently when the former first lady walked out of an event headlined by DKB at the Accra International Conference Centre unexcited and unconvinced that DKB would shake the audience into a frenzy.

She is reported to have remarked that “don’t mind him; his jokes are boring”, in an apparent reference to DKB.

DKB later told the media that the damning verdict from Nana Konadu was hurtful.

However, it seems the supposed bad blood between the two has bled out.

Nana Konadu and DKB were videoed having a hearty chat at an event.

The comedian posted the video on his Facebook page with the caption, “Video of DKB chatting Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings over issues and reuniting”.

Probably Nana Konadu gave him a few pointers on how to be funny!

Watch the video here.



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