Tonto Dikeh Decided To Play “Daddy” At A Fathers Day Celebration Held In Her Son’s School


I mean…….

This our aunty dey like too much drama.

Tonto Dikeh, the drama queen we all know her to be, decided to show up at a Father’s Day celebration in her son’s school dressed like a daddy.

I get it she wants to be there for a son and doesn’t want him to miss out on anything. Believe me we all get that Aunty Tonto but then again you won’t be the first single mother on planet earth would you?

But then again what do I know?

In case you are wondering how she pulled it off…..

Coupled with two emotional posts on Instagram…..



And then when we took the liberty to find out what real baby daddy was up to during the time frame with which she posted this on her Instagram and you will be AMAZED at what we found….



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