Vicky Zugah Throws “Tantrum” On Instagram Days After Alleged Embarrassing Interview On The Delay Show

Before I proceed, help me ask ooo, you can decide to refuse to grant someone an interview and it is really not that much of a big deal is it? Especially knowing the kind of person that the interviewer is right?


So this is how we were all there then Delay went interview Vicky Zugah in the midst of all the saga that is going on about her in the news.

For those who haven’t watched the interview….here you go

It was a pretty blunt and straight to the point interview and Delay, being her usual self as always, put the facts straight to her face based on the answers she was getting from Vicky Zugah and the research she said she had done about her before the show.

Now fast forward to some days after the interview, we chanced upon this post on Vicky’s Instagram page


But we all know Delay ooo

So you should know that when it comes to her, it will not be like any regular interview.

But then again what do we know?

We haven’t been “interrogated” by her before


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