GES Is Unhappy With A Teacher Who Used Stones To Demonstrate Computer Mouse In ICT Lesson

Since when did a stone come to resemble a computer mouse; only in Ghana.

The Assin South District Directorate of Ghana Education Service is annoyed about media reports of a teacher who was compelled to improvise the use of stones for a mouse, at an Information Communication Technology class (ICT) due to unavailability of a computer.

The District Director, Shirley Coleman says she is unaware the Assin Asamankese D/A Primary School in the Central Region, lacked computers.

Her reaction followed a Joy News report which highlighted the struggles 191 students of the school face to learn ICT.

Taught by Augustine Kusi, pupils in the ICT class make do with stones because the only computer in the school broke down about four years ago.

The teacher who has a laptop and a mouse explained, he draws a computer mouse on the board to help students visualize the device which costs about GHS 30.

The Assin South District Director Of Education is unhappy about the disgrace brought to the district through the Joy News report.

She revealed the school was the best in the district during the last Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and expressed concern this reputation has been battered by the report.

She told Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, the school authorities should have at least written a letter to draw the attention of the district.

Alternatively, the teacher could have bought a few more computer mice to help the pupils learn better, Kwadwo Nyarko reported the Director of Education’s comments.

Shirley Coleman said the District has run out of stock of mini-laptops distributed by government years ago.

The lack of basic school items and teaching materials is an open secret in Ghana’s education system. It has taken news reports to get philanthropic attention for supplies sometimes as basic as chalk.

Source: myjoyonline


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