Foreplay: What Actually Happens


It seems my recent post sparked some concerns and I’m glad it did, at least your lover learnt something. Sex together with everything that has to do with it is spoken about in hushed tones by society and I’m sure the majority will agree with me. Well if no one is going to talk about it, I will.  We’re adults. People are having sex. It’s happening; great for some and not so great for others and this is why people see no other options open to them than cheating on their partners  because their significant others are not aware of what makes them happy.

Today’s piece is for the “down for something” couple. By this I mean that couple that have actual plans for their relationship,not those little boys or girls still keeping open tabs on more than one person.

Foreplay is often discussed, rarely understood. Most people know it(and I’m sure you do too), others might have heard about it….but don’t really know how it happens. It all has to do with intimacy. If there’s no intimacy, that’s when your partner begins to bore you for no fucking reason, then breakup.


Okay so de facto, one sure way of increasing intimacy is foreplay. It doesn’t only get you ready for the deed but also creates that emotional bond for you and your partner.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest


Here are a few tit bits on foreplay that have been tried and approved by experts as well.

1.Treat it like an appetizer. It always comes first.

The word “foreplay”saf sounds like something prime, like an appetizer with sex as the main course. You need that appetizer to make food satisfying enough. Foreplay done right can shoot you right up from 0 to 1000, on the horniness scale; real quick. There’s no need to rush. It should last at least 10 minutes.

Image: Welove
Image: Welove

2. SENSUALITY: Major key!

Go ahead and text him so he sees it during lunch break. Tell him what you’d want to do with/to him. Please don’t do it plenty else… it’s the office chale. Feeling silly and don’t know what to type?

Try: You. Me. Bed. Tonight.

Get creative boo. Hold her hand too. Touch her hand(…or wherever) while you ask how work was. Take a shower together at home. Make out, say something dirrrttttyyyy-in her ear. Get out of the bedroom, it doesn’t have to start- nor end there. Go down on him (very well), go down on her (as long as she wants it). Either of you should be able to initiate it. Go in with the mentality of giving pleasure, not necessarily receiving it.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram


3. You should keep doing it during the sex, not just before. 

No rushing from caressing to intercourse. Okkay? Relax and enjoy even when you’re both beyond that point and scoring points. Have a freak show. That’ll make you both super happy…trust me. You’ll think about each other when you’re away from each other. So! There you have it all.

Mr/Ms Impatient, how about you go down the water slide while it isn’t wet. Maybe you’ll understand why foreplay is important.




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