This Ghanaian Is Making Money By Exporting Rafia Bags

Meet  Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, the CEO of AAKS

On her trip to the Northern part of Ghana, Akosua stumbled upon a gold mine. Not literally though! When the designer spotted the local weavers at work with raffia twisting them to make baskets, she made a life-changing decision by training them to make items of international standard thus founding AAKS.

AAKS is a fashion brand which makes raffia summer bags inspired by local Ghanaian art. Where many saw local materials, the London-educated designer saw money and an opportunity to create a fashion brand and a niche for herself.

Years down the line, Akosua and her AAKS brand have grown with branches in 16 countries and is selling in 46 stores. AAKS has recently bagged a feature spot at Outfitters stores across the United States. This we believe is a stepping stone to greatness of this daughter of the land.


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