Call Up All Your Impersonator Friends; KSM Is Hiring

Impersonating real life people in front of the screen is always difficult to do. That’s because that person is popular and widely known by a lot of people, so, you have to make sure you nail that role as precise as possible. That plus your killer lines make the whole act funny.

You, can consider the above as free consultancy, just in case you are interested in working with Ghanaian comedian, Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM)

“Thank God It’s Friday” that is hosted by the comedian and aired on Metro TV posted on its Facebook page that the show is searching for “Look Alikes and Impersonators” to hire.

“Can you do a great impersonation of a Prominent public figure or a well-known politician? If you can I need you for a new TV show,” the post said.

If you know you can do this, there is no time to waste, just follow the instructions.


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