A Man Broke A Guinness World Record By Having Sex With 57 Women Within 24 Hours

To whoever has a dream, we say don’t give up the fight.

One man’s perseverance and determination has sent him into the history books and will probably be remembered forever.

A Singaporean man broke the Guinness World Record by successfully sleeping with 57 women in a 24-hour period. The record which was earlier set by an American porn star in 1983, a feat many men have tried and failed for many years.

The 34-year old, who chooses to remain anonymous, admitted he was a sex addict but had to train all year round like a professional athlete. He even claims his training was tedious than training most professional athletes do.

This record holder broke the long standing record with 56 partners around 11pm but decided to impress judges with another round making 57.

Officials are doubtful this man’s record can ever be broken as the attempt might result in trauma or the worst case scenario,  amputation of the penis making it one risky record to break.


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