6 Reasons Why Mr Eazi And Temi Are Couple Goals

It’s no news now that your MCM is dating Nigerian fashion blogger Temi Otedola.

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A moment of silence for all them broken heart girls.

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Some hours since the two made their relationship official on the GRAM and we can’t stop crushing on Teazi (Temi and Eazi..yeah, we gave them a pet name). We think they are living our relationship goals and here are six reasons why.


1.They couple have seen the world together

We all know a couple that travels together stays together…or something like that. Anyways, the lovebirds have been seen traveling and hanging out together at different locations in the world. From Accra to Tamale, from Barcelona to London, our newest couple have obviously done some globe trotting together.

2. They both have very good sense of style

Teazi have dazzled us with awesome fashion tastes which we can’t get over. The couple who compliment each other’s dress sense have made individual strides in fashion. With Eazi’s signature summer hat and Temi’s strut and style, we think it’s safe to say they both are trendsetters in the fashion industry.



3. They cant get enough of each other…even on social media


Since we spotted them, these two have remained all handsy. If this breaks your heart, you should see them on each other’s Snapchat. They take over each other’s snap accounts, use those amazing filters and basically redefine relationship goals. Instagram is no different…and Twitter.


4. The two are doing well in their respective fields

We are already feeling power couple vibes with these two, as each of them is a force for competition to reckon with in their own industries of operation. Mr Eazi is an established singer with hit upon hits and a winner of both local and international awards. His mixtape is undoubtedly one of the best the continent has seen  and raked in them cash and awards. Temi, is a critically acclaimed fashion blogger with huge following styling a couple of hotshots. This combination is enough to set the two on the Bey-Jay path.


5.The two have something in common

Every successful couple have something in common and or crush couple seem to be in that lane. Eazi and Temi seem to have one thing in common… Ghana! The couple seem to enjoy Ghana as Temi has visited most tourist sites in the country.


6. These two have a pretty strong selfie game together

Urmm, yeah! The couple are seen dishing out too much juice and sauce in their selfies. They know how to work their angles and making that camera work for them. Even though these two are yet to make a red carpet appearance, we have so much faith in them and expect them to slay on that too. For their selfie game, it is up the top. If you think we are telling lies, check these selfies out.


So, clear up that way. There is a new couple in town and they are already smashing our couple goals. Go Teazi!



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