Davido Builds House For A Young Street Hawker


Some few weeks back, Davido mentioned on social media that he was ready to meet a boy and help him with his educational needs.

Not only did the musician help young Abubakar to start schooling, but he also vowed to be taking care of  his education from now till he’s done with University.

Abubakar is a young boy who used to hawk on the streets for a living. Some few days before Davido put up this post, he shared a photo of the boy via his page and asked anyone who knows the whereabout of little tthe little boy.

After finding and vowing to help the boy, Davido has gone another mile to build a house for the boy and his mother.

He showed this in a tweet yesterday.  

The generosity of the young musician caught all including Chelsea football legend Didier Drogba.

Earlier on in May, Davido helped pay the fees of a fan who bared his name.


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