Check Out The New Lace Fabrics Named After Shatta Wale’s Songs

For almost two weeks now Muslims around the world are in their Ramadan festive season and Ghanaian Muslim men and women are busy preparing for the Eid Ul Fitr.

As it is custom each year, the celebration is marked with lots of merry making and brand new cloths. It’s one huge fashion show.

You can imagine our surprise when we realized there is a new fashion trend in town that is going to feature prominently in the Eid Ul Fitr.

Peopls who are preparing to celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr in style are doing so with a new trend of Lace fabrics which are sold at top boutiques and fabric shops in Accra.

What make them special are the unique names given to the lace fabrics. The fabrics have been named after Shatta Wale’s hit songs and famous themes he uses in some of his songs. It includes Sergeant Lee, Taking Over and Kakai.

Never under estimate the influence of Shatta Wale.
Check out the fabric:

Source: Ghanaweb


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