Alleged Drug Dealer Was Arrested As He Bragged On Facebook Live

People are advised to consider what they do on social media. Now someone is in trouble…

Breon Hollings, an alleged drug dealer has been nabbed by Jacksonville Police  in the US minutes after he went live on Facebook.

Mugshot of Breon Hollings

The 22-year old was spotted showing off wads of cash in his live feed from his trailer. The Jacksonville Police Department raided Breon’s room moments after the drug dealer showed off his wealth on the social media site. Although the live video didn’t contribute to his arrest and just a mere coincidence, it could implicate him as he is unemployed.

Hollings, who has been arrested several times for drug related charges, was charged for the possession of a weapon or ammunition as a convicted felon, possession of paraphernalia for the manufacture or delivery of drugs, possession of a controlled substance and possession of cocaine.

Next time, be careful of what you video on Facebook live.


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