34 People Face Life Imprisonment and the Death Sentence After Being Charged With The Murder of Major Mahama

About 44 persons have been arrested in connection with the murder of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, with 34 of them being remanded by the Ghana Police Service.

All of the 34 remanded persons have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder.

The Denkyira-Obuasi murder suspects entering the court premises in Accra for trial. Picture: EMMANUEL ASAMOAH-ADDAI

The Criminal offence Act-1960 (ACT 29) states that;

If two or more persons agree or act together with a common purpose for or in committing or abetting a crime, whether with or without any previous concert or deliberation, each of them is guilty of conspiracy to commit or abet that crime, as the case may be.

If [for example] a lawful assembly is violently disturbed (section 204), any persons who take part in the disturbance are guilty of conspiracy to disturb it, although they may not have personally committed any violence, and although they do not act in pursuance of any previous concert or deliberation.

We spoke to a lawyer, who sought to remain anonymous, on the issue and he confirmed to KuulPeeps.com that the penalty for conspiracy to commit murder is, as suspected, life imprisonment. It is expected that all those involved in the murder of Major Adam Mahama could be sentenced to life imprisonment should they be found guilty by the Courts of the charge of conspiracy to commit murder. If they are found guilty of the charge of murder, they could face the death penalty.

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