This Woman Set Up A Crowdfunding Account To Fly Her Dogs From Ghana To The UK And People Are Trolling Her For It

Nobody will be surprised when you say Ghana Social Media is very mean. It seems people are just online looking for people to pounce on.

A dog loving woman from the United Kingdom, Yvonne Bannister posted on crowd funding website,, seeking support to airlift her dogs to the UK from Ghana.

She said her dogs are in a sorrowful state in West Africa, Ghana.

According to Yvonne, the dogs gave her “a little bit of home” when she was in Ghana.

Below is what Yvonne Bannister posted on crowdfunder:

Rescue my dogs from Ghana. Hi to everyone out there, I’m a U.K. lady looking for some support to return my beautiful dogs back to the U.K. Pets are our life and these two beautiful boys gave me a little bit of home when I was overseas in Ghana. My project aim is simply to return my dogs to the U.K. All excess funds will be donated to Battersea dogs home. To do this they have to have the usual Deffra required injections and then they fly back home with me on British Airways. The money raised will help to go towards return flights and transportation, flights and the U.K. VAT. I’m asking for your help and assistance, to make my life whole again. I`m in the U.K. and they are there; in unfortunate circumstances we have been separated for 8 months.

Meanwhile, social media has gone out to get her with most people bashing her for caring more about dogs than the human beings she met in Ghana.

See below for some of the social media responses to the lady’s request.


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