You Must Listen To Guru’s Remake Of Agnes Iro’s “Follow The Ladder”

Since the #FollowTheLadder challenge became a thing, what we couldn’t stop talking about was who will do a remake or a worship version of Agnes Iro’s “Follow The Ladder to Heaven.”

Now, that question has been answered by none other than Guru himself.  Yes! The NKZ champ has finished cooking his remix.

Guru has released his version of the song which has gained much attention in Ghana with the #FollowtheLadder challenge.

The challenge has brought out a very humours and creative side of Ghanaians.

Guru is the first artiste in Ghana to have sampled the song at the moment it has gained currency in the country.

Guru is also noted for riding on the term ‘kpakpakpa’ and taking advantage of the public domain song ‘Are U Aware’ to make songs to the relish of his fans.

Listen to ‘Follow the Ladder’ below:



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