The Thing Dey Bash You, But You Still Dey Wear Am. Why Women Dey Like Do This Thing?

It just sort of goes without saying that if you want to be relevant in your social circle, you have to stay in touch with what is trendy in that circle.

Maybe, for your circle that includes eating high class food, using the latest edition of smartphones and/or signing up to all the…what’s that word?…en vogue social media platforms.

For women, it seems that you absolutely must wear fashionable high heels shoes that obviously hurts your legs, because why else would anyone put themselves through that torture? And if you are Akumaa Mama Zimbi who wants to stand out in a crowd, then you have to wear the headache-causing headgear as well.

The agony aunt, Akumaa has admitted to Showbiz recently that the big headgear which she has worn for the past 15 years can be very heavy and “sometimes my head aches because blood doesn’t flow freely. As soon as I sit in the car after an event, I take it off but trust me, I love it because it always makes me stand out,” she explained.

She said headdress takes about 30 minutes to fix, “it needs to fit properly because I may run or dance especially when I step out and it needs to be stable.”

If you gasped after reading this, ask yourself why you wear that high heel shoe that obviously kills your feet or why you keep wearing that tiny shoe you can’t stop to love?

It’s the same reason; it’s for the love of fashion, be trendy and stand out.

Which, believe me, I just don’t get….but then again, it’s not really my place, is it?


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