DKB Bore Sakeof TTU Make He Pay Gate Fee Before Them Make He Enter Dema Event, Meanwhile Your Man No Dey On The Bill Too

One of Ghana’s most talked about comedians, DKB took to his Facebook page to rant about his alleged maltreatment at the hands students of Takoradi Technical University (TTU).

DKB claimed he was going backstage of the Spoof Miss Nzema Men Beauty Contest organized by TTU students, to “motivate the guys participating”.

However, he said, the bouncers at the gate forced him “to pay gate fee, stamped my hand and humiliated the lady I was walking with.”

“See what they put me through, (this is) another reason why those at the top hardly help up comers. Just know any DKB booking henceforth from TTU is strictly business and no (consider us we are students) nonsense,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sugar Pinto, a guy who seemed to be one of the organizers replied to DKB saying “Big men don’t complain that much. The guys at the entrance claim they did not (recognize) you and moreover it was over crowded at the gate. The phrase used as WE MEAN BUSINESS wasn’t used for only you but almost everybody at the entrance. You should have communicated with the SRC before coming so that measures will be put in place for you.”

He ended the post by saying that a personality like you shouldn’t just pop up to programmes without the organizers notice that’s a minus to you and “moreover, I knew nothing about you coming because I trained the guys and no one told me of you were coming.”


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