Has Natural Hair Become An Acceptable Thing In Coporate Society?

As we all know, hairstyle has always been a thing for ladies. In recent times, some ladies prefer to wear a weave, others also prefer to have braids. While some are comfortable with cutting down their hair, natural hair has become a style most women are adopting now.

An argument came up on Facebook when a lady was refused into a meeting by her boss because of her hairstyle. The lady had a natural hair style; a hairstyle she had kept for a long time now.

Obviously,  this wouldn’t be the first time her boss had seen her in her natural hair, so the question is why did her boss behave differently that day?

It could be that, her boss isn’t a fan of natural hair and he finally reacted to it. It could also be that her boss wasn’t happy with the way she kept her natural hair on the day of the corporate meeting.

The question here is, is natural hair acceptable in our working environment nowadays?  If yes, does it mean ladies can leave their natural hair anyhow they want to work?

Personally, I think there shouldn’t be a prescribed hairstyle for work, but more importantly, ladies must understand how to keep their hair appropriate for work, no matter what hairstyle it is, regardless of the number of hours they spent on it.

I don’t think any boss would be mean to his worker because she kept her hair clean and appropriate.

Dela’s post created some reactions on Facebook and most people thought her boss was wrong.


Other individuals also thought her hairstyle was not appropriate for work.




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