6 Things You Might Have Missed In The Europa League Final

You might know by now that Manchester United was crowned champions of the Europa League in Stockholm, Sweden after they beat Ajax 2-0 to clinch the trophy.

This win, gave Manchester United a backroom door to play in the UEFA Champions League.

I guess you were so busy with the on-the-pitch action that you lost focus of other equally important events happening at the time.

Here are some of the events you might have missed from last night’s very emotional game:

Ibrahimovic arrived in style

The striker, who has spent the last month in Sweden undergoing rehabilitation on a serious knee injury, arrived in style as a member of staff saved him the hobble and drove him to the tunnel in a golf buggy.


It runs in the family

Both Daily Blind and Justin Kluivert’s fathers (Danny Blind and Patrick Kluivert respectively) played for Ajax the last time the team won the Champions League in 1995.


Pogba brothers in full force

The Pogba brothers came out in full force to support their younger brother.

The twins even came in a complete ‘Pogba 6’ United shirts.

Ibra gets the ultimate prize

Let’s forget the fact that Man Utd won the Europa League, Ibra was given the ultimate prize by a fan who was willing to give his wife out if Zlatan stayed at the club.

Ibrahimovic gets a photo with the banner in the background after the full-time whistle.

The fourth official couldn’t finish his most important job

The fourth official couldn’t finish the job he was given. With Lingard coming on for Mkhitaryan, the Italian official put up the board, only for the No 24 to appear in red; but Man Utd had no No 24 on the pitch, with Mkhitaryan wearing a No 22 shirt.

Griezman is coming

Griezman said on French national TV that his chance of joining Manchester United was 6/10, but now that Man Utd will be playing in the Champions League, we guess the odd is 10/10 now.


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