This Is Why Everybody Is Suddenly Talking About Male Rompers

Hello fellas, I guess you’ve come across ‘Male Rompers’ in a recent post.

Remember how every fashion trend of the past seems to find its way back into existence?

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Well, that common outfit most women and babies wear has found its way back into the closet of men.

You think it’s a new thing? I bet you’re not on the same page as James Bond.

The whole thing became a big deal last week when a project called “RompHim” launched on Kickstarter (the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.)

Surprisingly, the campaign raised more than $136,000, which is 13 times the $10,000 goal they were shooting for.

So yah, that’s how all this Romper madness started.

So ladies, instead of calling this beautiful trend all sort of names, why don’t you get one for your boyfriend.

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Call it a romper, Romphim, romper for men, RompHer, Jumpsuit, we don’t care. We just dig the style.



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