We Found The Man In The Famous Meme; Meet Odunlade Adekola

So, if you are reading this and you haven’t seen this man on social media before, then you probably just crawled out of a rock; no offence bros.

A photo of this man has turned into an internet sensation and one of our all time beloved memes.

So instead of just sending another tweet with his meme, we chose to launch the Kuulpeeps radar into space with only one mission; Find The Person who makes us laugh anytime we see his meme.

Here is the mission report we managed to put together………

[His name is Odunlade Adekola and he is a popular local Nigerian actor and movie producer.]

[He is popularly known in Nigeria for his roles in Yoruba movies]

[He entered the movie scene in 2005 and has featured in over 70 movies. He recently featured in a movie portraying the lifestyle of Nigerian Male Barbie ‘Bobrisky’.]

[Odunle is married with four kids.]

Image result for odunlade adekola

[So that’s the little we had to share on our Nigerian ‘Akrobeto.’]


Consider yourself briefed……… You can crawl back under the rock. We will be here for you when you return.


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