Anas’ Next Video: 60 Bad People To Be Exposed

Ace Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has hinted that he is going to release his most challenging undercover investigative piece in his entire career, which involves 60 people who have done great evil to the state.

Anas dropped the hint while speaking at the Third Lecture Series of the 60th Anniversary of University of Ghana’s Commonwealth Hall  themed; “Vandalism and Democracy”.

He revealed that the 60 individuals yet to be exposed have done nothing good for Ghana and he is going to name, shame and jail them as his investigative works have always preached.

“The most challenging work that I’ve done is coming out soon and none of the 60 people involved have done anything good for Ghana” he said in response to a question posed to him about the most challenging work he has ever done.

However, the man behind Tiger Eye PI did not state categorically what the 60 people have done, neither did he say when the video will come out but he said it will come out and it’s just a matter of time.

Anas is well known for his unique undercover investigations, which have exposed many corrupt public officials and caused their trials and sentencing.

His biggest work so far is the famous corruption in the judiciary piece dubbed “Ghana Under The Eyes of God”, which led to the dismissal of some High Court Judges.

Anas, an Old Vandal himself, encouraged his fellow Vandals and the Ghanaian youth to be inquisitive and probe the ills in society that do not contribute to the benefit of the country.



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