Video Captures Birth Of Baby On A Lagos Bus

This video of what appears to be a baby being born on a bus in Lagos state, Nigeria, has been spreading around the country’s media.

The video shows a crowd looking into a bus at Fayedi bus station.

After a few seconds, a baby, which looks new born, is carried out of the bus and into a waiting ambulance.

Shortly after a woman, who appears to be the mother, is escorted out of the bus and into the ambulance followed by a crowd of cheering onlookers with mobile phone cameras ready.

The video has appeared on various places over the last couple of days.

However, a woman in the crowd is heard saying “Good Friday baby!” which was on 14 April.

A spokesman for the Rapid Bus Service confirmed to the BBC Africa Live Page that this happened some time over Easter and they have not been able to trace the mother.

See the video below:


Source: BBC


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