Shatta Wale Seems To Think There Is Some Sort Of Relation Between B.E.C.E And BET

Yesterday, the nominations for the BET was made public and Stonebwoy was nominated for the Best International Act (Africa). Now for reasons best known to him , Shatta Wale decided to put out a tweet about how he cannot find his B.E.C.E certificate and he didn’t have time to worry about BET (but how does that even relate to the awards??????)

Now some people felt Shatta was jealous of Stonebwoy and that was why he put out the tweet and they didn’t keep their opinions to themselves 

But obviously you will get the Shatta Movement Family seriously “rooting” for their king

Is this supposed to actually read Sergeant?????? *goes to find B.E.C.E certificate*

and some just concluded that Shatta Wale was more of a “local champion” so he won’t see the essence of a BET award.




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