Sex Tapes And Galamsey; An Awful Mix

It is very rear to mention sex tape and illegal mining in the same sentence, but that rarity seems to have abated.

The latest twist to the fight against illegal mining (galamsey) has come to involve a sex tape scandal, featuring a Chinese woman, Aisha Huang. This tape, which has been dubbed “Galamsey Queen” by the media allegedly involves some former government officials.

Below is our version of events in the #StopGalamseyNow campaign to satisfy ours and your curiosity.

The Events

The Ghanaian media, launched a multi-platform campaign aimed at putting galamsey centre stage in national discourse.

Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin

It led to the Government issuing a three-week ultimatum, which was followed with seizures of excavators and other mining machines from people suspected to be illegal miners.

This was followed by the Bureau of National Investigations’ (BNI) report into galamsey, which captured widely held perception that the Okyenhene is “behind illegal mining activities in the Kibi area. After a number of media reports, the Government came out to say that the Okyenhene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin was not involved in galamsey.

The most exciting, turn of events came with the arrest of Ms En Huang, popularly known as Aisha Huang and three other accomplices.

Aisha Huang is said to have sex tapes of government officials which she uses to secure their help whenever she is in the grips of the law.

The former Ashanti Regional Minister, Alexander Ackon has defended his decision to release Aisha Huang’s equipment that were seized during a raid by an anti galamsey task force, that included the BNI and the Ashanti Regional Security Council.

According to the former Minister, Aisha Huang’s equipment were released because the raid was illegal.

His explanation, ushered in the release of a sex video that supposedly features a government official having sex with an Asian woman.

Mahama Ayariga

Whether through the use of technology forensics or not, Mahama Ayariga, the former Minister of Environment, Science Technology and Innovation, whose ministry participated in the fight against galamsey, was identified as the male featured in the sex tape.

Earlier today, Mahama Ayariga released a statement denying that he is the one in the sex tape.

“I have become aware of the circulation of a video on social media purportedly showing me engaged in a sexual intercourse with a lady of Asian origin,” the statement said.

“I categorically deny the mindless suggestion that I am the male actor in the video and all the inferences it draws,” Mahama Ayariga said.

Currently, Aisha Huang and her Chinese counterparts are being prosecuted for engaging in illegal mining. They are in custody at the Nsawam Prison awaiting their May 23 court date.


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