These Are The Campaign Promises Of The SRC Aspirants Of The Islamic University

Students of the Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) will be heading to the polls this Friday to choose their next Students’ Representative Council (SRC) representatives. spoke to all three Presidential candidates and gathered a couple of their campaign promises.



Abubakar presented his manifesto in different thematic areas that touched on Academics, Health, Sports and so on. Here are a few of them:

Academics: There will be a scholarship program to award all performing and excellent students. Also, if Abubakar is voted into power, students will be able to view their results without necessarily having to pay their school fees first.

Health: The famous IRAN Clinic will be extended to the IUCG campus.

Sports: A sports council will be set up to spearhead the responsibilities of all sports disciplines.

Infrastructure: The team together with the administration and real estate developers will put up modern facilities.




Team DOGO, on the other hand,  drafted an executive and detailed Bills for amendment and Review of IUCG constitution which will have the following proposed bills passed into law.

1. A bill will be passed to create a position of an INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AFFAIRS secretary which will be contested by all students including the international students and that position will be part of SRC-EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. The officer will be In-charge of all international affairs of SRC-IUCG.

2. Another bill will be passed into law to allow the international students to contest for PUSAG PRESIDENT.

3. Another bill will be passed into law to create another position for PROGRAM and PROJECTS COORDINATOR which will be contested by ONLY weekend students. That Officer will be in charge of all weekend students activities, welfare, programs and report to SRC and Shura (students parliament) for implementations.

4. The Shura will be upgraded to modern standards where we will have 1st deputy speaker, as a weekend student and 2nd deputy speaker as an international student.

This will bridge the gap between the regular students, international students and weekend students. By so doing we will have an all inclusive administration for a strong SRC.



Mohammed categorized his campaign promises into 5 different sectors.

Educational: SSNIT Loan for students to enable them to easily pay their school fees, write exams and access their results.

Health : Round the clock working hours in the clinic and requisition of two additional nurses to complement the IUCG medical staff. Getting an ambulance for the school.

Sports: Get a standard football field for the school and additional school bus for the SRC to organize friendly inter department and school activities.

Entertainment: For the 1st time we are organizing Miss IUCG for the ladies to exhibit their talents and activities.

Business: Bringing in on board external investors and avenues for income earnings.



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