This Is The Tuition Free UPSA Professional Course You Should Know About

This year might be the best year yet to apply for a Bachelor of Science Marketing degree at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

In a Facebook post on the school’s page, the university said the students at the university “will now enjoy free tuition in professional programmes.”

However, this new academic bonus the school is offering to its prospective students is currently only available to BSc Marketing students whose school fees is now GHS 4,120 a year.

In recent years, the CIM UK professional course has been a sought after professional programme for most Ghanaians who are hoping for a high flying career in Marketing.

In offering the course for free, UPSA is repositioning itself in an already saturated market where most universities are also offering BSc Marketing.

Moreover, by making professional courses tuition free for BSc Marketing students, it continues to the university’s purpose of combining scholarship with professionalism.

UPSA started as a tertiary institution to provide training for higher professional business education in the country.

The institution introduced Bachelor Degree Programmes in 2005 and it later became a fully-fledged public university in 2008 after receiving a presidential charter.


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