Things That Make You The Worse Type Of University Student

Being a university student ain’t easy charlie!! You can never be that perfect student, no matter how hard you try. However, there are certain things we do that make us the worse type of university student. Here are some of them:

1. Copying your mates assignment every time

Related image

(Tell us you don’t copy your course mates assignment every single time? Meanwhile!! you had like 2 weeks do that assignment, but you only started doing it 1 hour before submission was due…SMH!!)

2. You’ve never visited the library before

You: Today I have to go to the library, yet this is you when it’s time to visit the library:

Image result for the chairs are too hard gif

3. You don’t even know the name of your lecturers

Image result for is it my fault gif

(You: What do I need a name for, all I have to do is pass right?)

4. You don’t  remember anything you learnt from the previous semesters

(We don’t blame you, its the education system, your aim is to pass right? “chew and pour” got you, the GPA is all that matters so after every exams)






5. You stay on your phone anytime you go for lectures

Image result for using phone in class gif

(Social media needs you)

6. You will fail a test if its impromptu

(I don’t know if I’m right or not, but even the student laziness bible says, “Test not my anointed unprepared”. Dear Lecturer, I wasn’t ready but you expected me to pass)

Image result for what did you expect gif

7. You just hate research 

Image result for stress gif

(You hate research but you know that google exists whenever you want to win an argument?)

8. You’ve never attended tutorials

Image result for i dont have time gif

9. You only study when you have an exam

Image result for its normal gif

(Blame the education system again!!)

10 Always late for lectures

Image result for is it my fault gif

(Yes!! Its not your fault at all, we understand you)

11. You don’t want to contribute during a group work discussion



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