Legon SRC Election Is In Limbo


The University of Ghana, Students’ Representative Council (UG-SRC) election is in limbo as the UG SRC Electoral Commission (UG-SRC EC) struggles to raise funds to hold the election.

The UG SRC EC claims UG management have refused to release funds for the organization of the students’ leadership elections.

In an interview with, the Deputy UG-SRC EC, Ivan Nii Addo Ankamafio said the commission needed a total of GHS 14,500 to organize the elections tomorrow (Thursday).

“So far, we have not received money that will allow us to organize the elections tomorrow. If we do not receive the money by close of day today, we will be forced to call off the election again,” he said.

He said the EC needed GHS 2,000 to pay for the maintenance cost of a software that the university had already paid GHS 40,000 to use.

“The EC also needs money to pay for the laptops it would be renting for the elections as well other operational costs that will be incurred while the election is ongoing,” he added.

It can be recalled that the UG SRC election was called off around midday last Tuesday after polls had opened. Most students could not vote because of technical problems and unavailability of other planned logistics that were needed for the smooth running of the elections.

Students who spoke to bemoaned the EC for lack of preparation and failing to disseminate information effectively.


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