University Of Ghana Students React To Last Week’s Students’ Deaths

Legon, University of Ghana

As has been reporting all of last week, three University of Ghana students lost their lives within the space of five days.

Though the deaths were unrelated, it was very chilling and it sent a lot of students talking and developing all sorts of conspiracy theories as to the cause of the three deaths and why they were occurring.


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Serwaa Afriyie Osei, Economics and Information Studies

It’s unfathomable and I think something should be done about it. Probably cleansing or pacifying the any angered god.


Lorinda Ansong, Spanish and Linguistics

I think it’s very awful and sad. I don’t really know what’s happening but I think as a school we need to pray


Mary Opoku Dufie, Political Science

It is very appalling. It is making students horrified and unnecessarily cautious, which can affect studies especially​ the level 400s..May the lost souls Rest In Peace


Nana Bemah, Political Science

It’s suspicious and very questionable


Mavis Agbemenyah, Theatre Arts

These deaths were so unfortunate, at first I thought they were just rumours, then I came to a realization that they were real, I panicked at first. It’s not that I have never heard any death case but the uniqueness of these ones were that they were happening continuously within a short period of time. It has made me so conscious about what I do and how I live on campus.


Joan Bortey, History and Theatre Arts

Hmmm, I can’t think far. It’s a little scary. But God is alive and we will console ourselves with the knowing that God gives and takes.


Emmanuel, Economics

It’s extremely sad and painful you know, but as a Christian, what I will say is that God knows best. We have to be very careful, vigilant and stand firm in our faith because these deaths might be spiritual


Dorcas Asiedu, Political Science

Well it’s a bit worrisome. This semester has really recorded a lot of deaths on campus.


Anthony Abeiku Essien, Computer Science

Well, I don’t see it as normal. But I can’t explain. I don’t know why but it’s getting scary on campus.


Emmanuel Yeboah, Economics and Linguistics

It’s sad that we are losing such young lives. The school and individuals needs to do something about it


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