Three University Of Ghana Students Died Within 5 Days


Last week was a terrible week for students and the faculty members of the University of Ghana. The university was in the news for very sad reasons that usually sent chills down the spin of some students as well as friends and relatives of people studying at the university.

Though, student deaths are not entirely new at the University of Ghana, last week had been shocking based on how frequent the news of their deaths were released.

The first reported death, was that of Dennis Akoto who had gone to the university’s pool to swim and relax with friends.

Dennis was reported to have drown and there were frantic efforts by first responders to resuscitate him. However, he died at the University of Ghana Hospital some hours after doctors have resuscitated him.

Earlier reports, suggested that he vomited Jollof when Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was performed on him.

Dennis Akoto

Just as the university seemed to be recovering from the Dennis’ passing, Charity Nutefe, a level 300 Linguistics student was also reported to have died. She celebrated her birthday just last week.

Charity’s friend, who preferred to remain anonymous, told that Charity had fallen ill for some time now.

He said the bereaved family has decided to remain silent and has barred him from disclosing sensitive information about Charity’s passing to the media.

Charity Nutefe

As news of Charity’s passing started going viral through the University of Ghana rumor mill, the news of Vida Akrong’s passing also started making waves.

This often lead to conflicting reports with that of Charity as some of the information about the two deaths were often interchanged.

However, Vida Akrong who was a Level 400 student reading Agriculture, was reported to have died last Tuesday while on admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

A friend of Vida said “She was admitted for some time and discharged. Later on she was coughing severely and sent to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. She was there for days and God called her home on Tuesday at around 10:40 am,” Pulse News reported.

Vida Akrong


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