#UGDecides: Students Vote in SRC Presidential Runoff Election

Legon, University of Ghana

Students of the University of Ghana are voting in a runoff election to choose their next Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President.

This election comes off as none of the four aspirants were able to poll 50 per cent plus one vote needed to be duly elected into the Office of the SRC President in last week’s election.

The vote is on Daniel Awuah Otting and Sylvester Kwashie who polled 47.48 per cent and 41.727 per cent, respectively, in that election.

Daniel Awuah Otting is promising to advocate for student representation on the Academic Board as a key decision -making body of the University if he wins.

Furthermore, he has promised to “Advocate the review of the final GPA ratio distribution to be made flexible such that the best academic years, regardless of the level, gets the highest multiplier effect and also introduce a quota system whereby every student gets access to an unlimited bandwidth to be used for a period of a month. This is to help make WiFi usage more convenient, efficient and better.”

Sylvester Kwashie, on the other hand, has promised to hold SRC town hall meetings regularly and implement a 1 student, 1 exercise book policy.

He also promised to implement a “50 per cent subsidy for shuttle during exams and purchase jerseys for various sports disciplines.”

The University of Ghana SRC election has faced its own financial and organizational challenges.

It had been marred with postponements and ineffective communication between the SRC Electoral Commission and the student body.

The first SRC election held two weeks ago was called off because the voting machine malfunction and unavailability of other necessary voting equipment such as printers.


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