#UGDecides: University Of Ghana To Hold Runoff Election Next Week

The University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council Electoral Commission (UG-SRC EC) is to organize a presidential runoff election next week.

A runoff election is to be held because results from yesterday’s election indicated that none of the five presidential aspirants was able to obtain the 50% plus one vote that is required by the UG-SRC constitution for a winner to be declared.

Hence, the UG-SRC EC is going to pitch the two aspirants with the highest votes together for a runoff.

Daniel Awuah Otting and Sylvester Kwashie who polled 47.48 per cent and 41.727 per cent, respectively, will have one last chance to bid for the UG SRC Presidency.


Meanwhile, Schandorf, Pascal, Daakyehene who polled 4.692, 2.957 and 3.144 per cent of the votes respectively, have subsequently dropped out of the Presidential race.


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