Students of University of Ghana Share Their Thoughts About Yesterday’s Poorly Planned SRC Election

Legon, University of Ghana


The University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UG SRC) election was called off yesterday after it was barraged with software problems and ineffective communication from the UG SRC Electoral Commission.

The election was called off after most of the students were unable to vote because the software being used for the electronic voting failed to work.

Some of the students who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being unfairly vilified told us what they made of their botched SRC election.

Patrick: It was very bad and poorly organized. We never know in advance when we will be having our elections. We have a notice board but the Electoral Commission (EC) is not using it.  The EC has continuously failed to give us adequate information. The only thing they can do is borrow laptops from students for election.

Diana: I decided not to partake in the voting process because I saw it as irrelevant and that’s my opinion though. An after about an hour when the polls opened I heard it was cancelled and then it confirmed my opinion. I think the whole process was unplanned.

Pascal: I was in the queue waiting to cast our vote but the polling agent told us that the app is not working. We waited for about 10 minutes and we were told the election has been postponed.

Dominic: I was at the polling station when they told us the software was not working so they are going get direction from the EC on what to do. We waited for about 10 to 15 minutes when the polling agents told us the election has been called off and that another date will be communicated to us.

Simon: Compared to last year’s election, this one is not so thrilling. I don’t know why but it’s just not so compelling enough to pull students to go and vote.


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