AFTERMATH of #KNUSTDecides: Kantanga Hall Pelts Continental Students With Stones Again

The David Dannah supporters, who were jubilating last night for his victory in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Student Representative Council (KNUST SRC) elections, were met with a harsh welcome.

Continental students who had becomes ecstatic about the victory went on a procession that led them to the vicinity of Katanga Hall but owing to a fight that ensued between the two halls a day before the elections, Katanga ceased the opportunity to attack the Continental again.

Reports indicates that Katanga students threw stones at the crowd because their preferred candidate, Rasheed Nakpan was beaten by David Dannoh in the elections.

It seems the post-election violence that marred last year’s national elections has found its way into students politics.

Currently there is calm has been restored on KNUST Campus, though some students can been seen to be in a jubilant mood a day after results were declared.

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