Disqualified GIMPA LSA Presidential Aspirant, Gideon Tettey Tetteh, Heads To Court Over Election Dispute

So if you’ve been keenly following student leadership elections in Legon, you’ll probably recognise this man, Gideon Tettey Tetteh.

Which is just as well, because he is a former Pent JCR President and a GIMPA Law Students’ Association (LSA) Presidential Aspirant. Well…for now, that last bit is in a bit of a limbo.

Why? Well, basically here’s what happened. According to a source, it has been an open secret for some time that Mr. Tetteh had his eyes set on contesting the LSA Presidency.

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Of course, when nominations were opened, he duly picked up a form. And then, to the surprise of many commentators, he was abruptly disqualified, without reason. Our sources indicate that the Electoral Commission and the Vetting Committee may have declined to provide Mr. Tetteh with reasons for his disqualification because the LSA Constitution does not oblige them to.

Disgruntled, it is reported by sources close to the Tetteh camp that Mr. Tetteh filed a complaint with the Chief Justice of the Judicial Committee, citing breaches of the principles of natural justice, and Articles 23 and 296 of the 1992 Constitution. The Chief Justice, on receiving the complaint, instructed the Electoral Commission and the Vetting Committee to provide Mr. Tetteh with the reasons for his disqualification within 24 hours.

Sources close to Mr. Tetteh confirmed that the reasons were given before the 24-hour deadline elapsed. KuulPeeps.com is further reliably informed that Mr. Tetteh was disqualified because he didn’t resign his post as an official of the LSA before filing his nomination. Mr. Tetteh, however, remains dissatisfied with this turn of events, and strongly suspects that he has been unfairly  targeted by the LSA establishment. Further, he has sought an injunction against the election, pending resolution of the matter.

In an official statement, circulated on Whatsapp, the Judicial Committee has ordered the parties to appear before the court on Monday, 10th April 2017. Further, all activities scheduled for the date of the trial are to remain suspended, until the final determination of the case.

KuulPeeps will keep you updated on this story as it develops.


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